Talking about: IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS – THE DEFINITIVE ‘80s HORROR DOCUMENTARY with Robin Block and Heather Wixson

Today I talk with Robin Block and Heather Wixson on their upcoming documentary on 80’s horror, In Search of Darkness. We cover 80’s horror, changes throughout time, fan favorites, and even touch on some modern gems. Be sure to tune in for an inciteful conversation with a lot of laughs and be sure to donate

Interview with KARDIAC MUSIC on dark hip hop

I’m joined by KARDIAC as we discuss his horror interests, inspirations, previous works, and upcoming projects. Be sure to check out the tracks in the show, and information following him will be up on my site soon! Follow the links below to follow more from me and him!   Follow Kardiac:   http://KARDIACMUSIC.COM/   WWW.KARDIACSTORE.COM

Deadly Crush (2018) Review

Deadly Crush (2017) Review by Stephen Gillhespy Horror takes many forms. There are slashers, psychological, infection based, found footage, and any other number of subgenres. But the film Deadly Crush, directed by Dakota Aesquivel, is something I’d have a hard time defining. It covers paranormal horror, possessions, drama, and a lot of sexual tension. Deadly

Heartless (2018) Review

Heartless (2018) Review by Stephen Gillhespy Heartless, written and directed by Kevin Sluder, is the story of a young woman struggling to make it in a corporate business. Throughout her big presentation though she is haunted by a grisly secret. She quickly loses composure as she recalls the brutality of her actions until she buckles

The Last Hunt (2018) Review

The Last Hunt (2017) Review by Stephen Gillhespy There’s nothing like a good sci-fi horror thrill ride, and especially if that thrill ride is characterized by a unique concept. The Last Hunt (2017) written by Hannu Kesola and Ken Janssens fits such adventure. The story takes place in the future where mankind has ascended to